The ozone disinfectors are the most innovative of the century to eliminate bacteria. Complying with Regulations (EC) directive No. 852/2004 and 853/2004 of the European Parliament and the Council of 29 April 2004 and Food Safety and Hygiene Bimer SYSTEMS has become the first company to successfully maintaining a good reputation in countries like Finland, Sweden, UAE (Dubai), Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Portugal and Czech Republic.

Foodtech Exhibition 2009 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

noticia4On 12th of May through the 17th Bimer SYSTEMS together with its distributor in Bulgaria occurred in this country exclusively for the new disinfectors of knives by ozone and ultraviolet light. For visitors it was a great novelty, since they could appreciate the characteristics of our products as well as the wide range, thus satisfying the different needs of the client.

New cabinets disinfectors

We are buying new cabinets disinfectors knives, 100/100SM model system with ultraviolet disinfection. Model 1100/1100CR with ozone disinfection system.

Success IFFA 2007

noticia1After our first international exhibition IFFA 2007 in Frankfurt (Germany) in the month of May, the company unveiled the world over you new ozone disinfection systems and ultraviolet, having a great acceptance among all attendees to our booth.