Ozone´s Canyon

Ozone´s Canyon


  • Ozone generator for shock treatments, these treatments are specific and require a high concentration of ozone at times and specific points., Eliminates odors and cleans the rooms of any interior space. Hotel rooms and residences, meeting rooms, vehicles, gymnasiums, restaurants.
  • Does not mask odors, eliminate them.
  • Jan made stainless steel.
  • High efficiency fan for rapid expansion of ozone.
  • Ozone production of 300 milligrams hour.
  • Size, 38 cm long x 15 cm high x 17 cm wide.

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o3What is ozone?

Allotropic condition of oxygen, produced by electricity, whose action is a highly oxidizing gas O3, strong-smelling blue colored liquid.

What we use it?

Used to purify air, sterilize water and aging of spirits and is a very important reagent in the manufacture of certain organic and inorganic compounds.

Microorganisms sterilized environment thus preventing the transmission of disease.

What properties and advantages?

Create a clean environment and healthy for our lungs, in public places prevents the creation of stuffy air environments.

Is more active and cheaper than air fresheners and chemicals used so far, does not mask odors by killing bacteria originating odors.